Need some answers


10 Years
May 5, 2009
Adair Co.Ky
I have chicks that hatched yesterday/last night on the 19th day..I have 2 left in the bator that pipped they started zipping and breaking the shell..have half zipped but membrane seems to be stuck to them and holding them I let nature take its course or assist and if so how?
Well, it is said that it is usually best not to assist, but I have to admit that I have...I have 14 2 week old chicks in a brooder now. The same thing happened to one of the eggs and I did not assist and the poor thing was so weak I guess that it died. So, when I had 2 others do the same, guess what I did?
I just lightly sprayed some warm water on the egg and it immediately softened the membrane up. Then the chicks were able to come out on their own and they are 2 of the 14 I have in the brooder and doing very well!

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