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    Yesterday was day 20 and a little one decided he wanted to come out. Hours and hours later he was stuck. And very dry even though the humidity is high. The membrane was over his head and trapping his head down. So I got him out he is up and walking seems to be doing well but he has hard membrane on his back. How do I help him and get it off? [​IMG][/IMG]
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    IF needed you can bathe them in warm water, if you have Dawn BLUE liquid, that is safe to use. Just make sure that water does not get in their face, especially up their nose and you can blow dry them off. Make sure it doesn't get a chill.
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    Warm water bath. I use a bowl and add hot tap water then take temp, adjust to 95-100F. Deep enough bowl so your holding the chick in one hand and gently washing it with other. While you've got him in there might as well clean up the vent. Any crusties/membrane there can cause problems in few days so while it's bathing do it all.

    Put it right in the brooder under light to dry off.

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