Need some broody cage ideas


10 Years
Jan 9, 2010
Hello. I FINALLY have a broody chicken. Now all I need is a warm cage for her. It is a California white. Everybody picks on her so I just want something that will keep her safe and her happy. Please pictures are needed if you have them. I was thinking about a 3 sided wood cage and then a wire front. If you do have any pictures, please post them for me. Thank you.
I use a rabit cage for fresh hatched chicks. Then move to a bigger brooder that I'm going to make in the next few days.
Do you want to build it, or just get one ready made? I used some old big plastic dog crates that we had.
I'd honestly rather buy something. I build something but it would be easier just to buy. Thanks.
Well I guess it would but I am wondering if for say a small doghouse will be enough protection for them while trying to raise a brood. I would like to have something with a fence around it so they can scratch too.
I'd treat it like a grow out coop: doghouse with a temporary pen (inside the main chicken run) set up using garden stakes and chicken wire. That way they can interact without being threatened by the other members of the flock.

But you'd be surprised how well Momma can take care of her chicks!
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