Need some design ideas for my sad little coop! Any/all ideas appreciated :)

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    At one time I had so many cute ideas for this coop. I wanted to paint a "window" with shutters on that front and then plant pretty stuff, put a litte weather vain on top and just clean up. But then last summer we discovered that the sun moves and just totally baked it and since there are no trees in that line we then decided to move the whole thing and start anew. But then we built a fence around the backyard and now they free range and don't have to worry about them baking anymore. SOOO much has changed. Now I just want to make it cute. Hope I didn't confuse everyone. We''ve had to make such giant changes about so many things over the past year but at least our chickens are really happy and we can't keep up with their eggs!!!
    So, this is how it looks. Still has lots of sun. How would you make it look? Oh and yes, those are white lights hanging inside and a black planter box hanging off across the left . I love how festive the lights look from my kitchen window! haha Thanks all!
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    If I were you, I would install at least one big window in that coop (perhaps the front, pointed right at us?). Not only will it make it lighter in there, but the chickens will love to look out of it in rainy weather. Plus, if it opened, it would let lots of fresh air in there (when the door's closed). I would go to your local habitat for humanity store and pick a window. They usually have some really neat shapes and sizes that could look really unique and cute on your coop. I also think it would be nice looking if you went to the nursery/Lowes/Southern States (wherever) and bought some bright flowers or seeds to go in that planting box. It looks like it's in a really good spot, but if the chickens can get to it, you could always move it up a little. You could also devise a way for those planters I see to hang from the eaves or on hangers out from the wall of the coop, and plant them with flowers, herbs, or vegetables where the chickens couldn't get to them.
    Just a few ideas!
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    what part of GA are you in?

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