Need some guesses here. Please :)


6 Years
Apr 10, 2013
Cambridge mn
I've had a lot of people guess pullet on this 3 week old barred rock. But I'm havin my doubts. What do you all think?
are you sure it's a barred rock? Looks like some gold coming in there.

If it is a barred rock the dark color would indicate girl. Boys are usually lighter. But, I have doubts it is a Barred Rock.....
I think it was just from my flash. It really dosnt look gold in person. But I see what your sayin in that pic. But assuming it is a barred rock are you thinkin pullet?
I agree, it does not look like a pure barred rock. The size of the comb says male, and the gold color on the neck says mixed breed or sex link. Where did you get the chick?
Just some lady of Craigslist. It's possible it may not be purebred. If it is a mix will it still be a good egg layer? (If its not a roo)??

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