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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by RenRae, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Okay i have checked into our laws and asked the ordinance people and they both stated that chickens are not allowed. But after last years attempt by a group of kids from a 5th grade elementary school they seemed to be more keen to the idea but needed more convincing. I have planned on getting together a presentation of where eggs come from battery cages and all that stuff, along with stuff from animal control people in bigger cities. One of their concerns is that it would tax the local animal control personnel and they would receive several noise complaints. I plan on calling a couple of cities close to us and seeing if they can answer some questions on how often they receive complaints and how often they are dealing with chicken related issues. From a nearby town last year they said they have had one or two calls a year for chicken related issues and none are noise complaints. I have had other suggest getting a petition together and having people sign it. I'm not sure if I want to go door to door but I will if I have to, I want chickens because I love eggs and I want to know that my eggs are coming from a hormone free feed fed chickens. I live in a state that promotes independence and such but they restrict us on producing our own feed. And tips and hints you all can give me would be awesome! The kids last year did a great job but i think they need to hear from tax payers, I honestly am looking at moving out of the city so i can supply my family with better food, would that be a push, i would no longer be paying them taxes i'd be paying the county right?
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    There are many yotube videos on urban farming and sevrral blogs and vlogs where the author is available for interview and can even provide links to scientific data or recent pols or journalistic articles. Academic or personal stuff presented in a professional mannerr should help push people. It helped create the urban farm 'boom' around where I live.

    When it comes to noise, though' be prepared for lots of laws and compromises. Only one rooster per block or zone is allowed where I live and inaneighboringcounty, roosters are illegal. Because of poorly managed (andshortly afterards, feral) peacocks thirty years ago, neither residents nor the police appreciate the birds here. Yet there's a talkativee goose on a property that borders mine right where my sisters windo opens next to. Apparently her's annoying at times, but not close to 'calling thr cops' loud.

    You'll have to look at all of your neighborhood and see what's viable. That means knowing what each sex and species is capable of and how it impacts both the many lifestyles and ages as well as traffic and the environment. This isn't to say things are imposible,it means research loks far better to lawmakers andvotersd, but aasking fo everything, preparing to be lax, ornot wanting to agree to limits, rules, fees, or licenses isn't a good approach.

    Good luck. It'd be great to see more urban farming in the world. :)

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