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    Jan 24, 2011
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    hi all these year well be my first time haveing hens and ducks i got a Little Giant Egg Incubator still air and the egg turner my hens are cochin bantams and my ducks are mallards i just need help on when to sit up the incubator. and is there and than more i need to get to help my egg to hatch for these summer. and what to do to keep my hens warm ty for your help ben
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    [​IMG] Ben! I am not sure about the duck eggs, but as for the chickens...I keep my incubator at 99 - 100 degrees and the humidity between 40% - 50% for the first 18 days and 50% - 60% for the last three days. The eggs should be turned at least twice a day on days 1 - 18. Days 19 - 21 the incubator should be locked down. Do not open it, do not touch the eggs.

    There is some good info at the top of the Incubating and Hatching section here, plus a lot of really smart people. Read through the posts and you will find a lot of answers. Good luck!

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