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  1. RichM

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    Sep 7, 2016
    So recently I bought a single hung premade window at Lowe's, and it had features that I didn't want so I took it back. I decided to go simple with a barn sash window that tilts open, so I bought a vinyl premade barn sash window at Lowe's. Once I opened it, it wasn't like I expected, and there are no installation instructions in the package or online. I wonder if any of you understand how this window is intended to be installed? Here's the pics.


    I was hoping that I could frame it in wood, but there are two problems. The sides have built in clips that do not fit 1x lumber, they do not seem to serve a purpose expect to prevent fitting it with 1x lumber. Also, the top and bottom of the window have these structures built into the sides (see picture) that get in the way of fitting lumber across the top.

    My hope was to frame it in wood, then put hinges on the top so the window could open and be propped up with a stick, or maybe something better. I feel like I'm very much not understanding the product I bought. What would you do with this window? Is it useless to me?

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    Are you sure that it isn't a replacement sash? It looks like it may just be the innards, no frame?
  3. texasbirdman420

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    Feb 8, 2017
    Take it back.
  4. RichM

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    Sep 7, 2016
    Yeah, it is. I was actually planning to make a simple frame, but it will be somewhat different than I planned.

    If you have a better way to put a barn sash up, I've love to hear it.

    I think what I will do is just fill those gaps with wood, flush with the edge of the vinyl, and attach the hinges through the vinyl and into the wood. In the closed position I'll just seat the window against a slightly smaller, inner rectangle of wood so there isn't a breeze coming through. I'll secure it with hardware cloth on the inside of the wall.
  5. blackdog043

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    Feb 19, 2017
    Charlotte, NC
    Is this the window you bought? I'm looking at doing the same thing but I want to make sure it's solid all the way around.

    Project Source 22.25-in x 29.25-in Barn Sash Single Pane Single Strength Rectangle Replacement Window
    Item # 3343 Model # VBS2229
  6. Howard E

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    Feb 18, 2016
    I'm not sure what Lowes, Menards or the other box stores intended for this window, but I can tell you how I installed mine. I installed it to slide sideways on top of a horizontal 2 x 4 that makes up the bottom frame. The vertical framing to the right of the window is what holds it into place. To open, this window slides to the right behind the upright. The hardware cloth (I used welded wire) sits between the framing and siding. Window slides past that too. I notched that vertical framing for the window to slide past, but it could have been turned 90 degrees to lay flat against all the framing and worked as well.

    Once upon a time it was common to frame in most window openings this way. I can show you a set of old farm buildings where the barn, smoke house, chicken house and a hog house were all done using simple horizontal framing (vs. standard studs as we use with most houses and sheds these days).


    If you want a window sill on the bottom, allow room for it in the framing and also install a thin strip below it for a wedge to tip the outside lip of the sill down so it will drain.
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  7. RichM

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    Sep 7, 2016
    That's the one, and it is not solid. I found that I could put a 1x1 (actual 3/4" x 3/4")piece of lumber into the top and bottom gaps, and I'm going to try use those to anchor hinges and latches.

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