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Mar 17, 2008
Swansea, SC
I have 26 chicks that are three weeks old and I am keeping them in a kidie pool with untreated pine shavings. I am starting to wonder if this litter is putting off to much dust and is hurting my chicks. Any ideas or personal favorites for indoor brooder. Ray in SC.
If you got it from TSC in a black bag that stuff is like saw dust. I buy mine from a feed store and it really is pine 'shavings'.

Now, you have to know - chicks are dusty! They will kick up more dust than you can ever imagine. You will be cleaning up more dust than you thought could possibly ever come from a bag of shavings.

What makes you think there is a problem with the chicks and your shavings?
I don't like shavings and this is one of the reasons why. If you use corn cobb litter it is completely dust free and safe. I've also looked at pine pellets and been told that they are dust free. They look like they would be, these are a little cheaper then corn cob litter. So much so that I might try them when I cleen my brooder next week. There are recycled paper litters that i like alot too. There are alot of other options besides pine shavings. Check TSC, but you can also check your pet store.

A dust free environment would definetly be healthier for your birds.
How old are they? Are they staying warm enough? Are they eating and drinking? Staying dry?
How old are they? Are they staying warm enough? Are they eating and drinking? Staying dry?

They are 3 weeks old. Indoor brooder with temp at 82. Outside temp is 74. They are all eating and drinking. Have not seen their poop. All staying dry. Feeding them chick starter by Natures choice.
I am using dust free aspen shavings purchased from a local pet shop. No Chemicals, No Dust, No Smell, No oil. Not cheap but then again neither were the chickens, the brooder, the chicken coop, wire or any of the other stuff that goes with the little fuzzy butts. Worth the little extra.
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I've never seen it mentioned here but we always used sphagnum peatmoss as litter for chicks when I was growing up. I've got pine shavings in my brooder right now but I think I'll check on the cost of peatmoss next time I get to a garden center.
I have 5 week old chicks, and am using wood shavings from a friend that does woodwork. Yes- its very dusty and messy- but I can report no shaking or problems with the chicks. I made sure the shavings came from a clean (no pesticides or animal traces) source. Plus it was free-
Hey, I use that same tweedy bird splash pool for my under week old chicks! Also use the pine shavings... they are dusty little animals which is why I kick them to the outside brooder at a week or two old. Haven't had a shaking problem with the dust they make. Some may shiver a bit if chilled or bedding down for sleepy time, but that's it.

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