Need some help with our run door and roof.

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    Jun 28, 2011
    Can anyone show me how to built a door for our run. Right now are plans are for a 7x8 run that will go next to our 4x7 coop. We really don't know what we are doing. Ugh! But can't find anywhere to buy a run that you can walk into. It will be 6' high. The other thing is I would like to cover it and would like a small pitched roof on it. Don't know how to do that either. Any information would be so appreciated. My husband will be helping me and we have used tools before. [​IMG] Just need the know how. I have been searching all day for information and haven't really seen what help I need. I've seen some great ideas and coops though. I had my first tiny chicken coop for a month and a half and it was to small and hard to clean. So this one will be so much better. Thanks for your help.
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