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do the chicks need any thing other then heat, food, feeders, water, waterers, bedding, brooder and lots of love do we need to have the hatchery vaccinate them? Is it normal to not be able to look at pics of chicks with out not being able to want them sooner? what type of beeding? how long do the stay in the brooder
Is it normal to not be able to look at pics of chicks with out not being able to want them sooner?

You are hooked! Congratulations soon-to-be a poultry addict. You've been told that chicks are like potato chips right? Not satisfied until you can't fit any more...

Have your brooder all ready...for the first few days use burlap or old towels on the bottom...newpaper can be hard for them to get their footing on - in my experience. After they are getting around well, I do 1/2 newspaper 1/2 towel. If nobody is slipping, newspaper. Don't give them bedding they will eat.

We don't vaccinate. Personal preference?

Ours stay in until they are fully feathered, then they move outside - if the temperature allows. Still need a heat lamp though. If they won't leave the space under the heat lamp, it is too cold.

When you get them, you'll have to dip their little beaks in the water to introduce them..and tap your finger around the food. We sprinkle food all around so they have more "opportunity" to find it.
You'll want to do this from time to time until you know everybody is eating and drinking. Once one figures it out, the rest seem to catch on.

Be careful with lots of love...they need lots of sleep
When mine are about a week old, I sit in front of their brooder with an open door and let them come out to me...their first exercises in free-ranging

When they get startled, they run back in the brooder!
How many days until "the call"? (from the post office?)​
Sounds like you got the bases covered.
I chose not to have my chickens vaccinated. I intend to maintain a closed flock. The only chicks I will have will come from my hens (if any).
Newspaper is too slippery. Use pine shavings covered in paper towels for the first few days. It's normal for them to pick up pieces of shavings to investigate whether it's edible or not. I used large flake pine shavings and never had a problem.
My chicks were not brooded in the house. They were in a draft free shed with two heat lamps.
I vaccinate. We have Marek's around here and I've lost a lot of chickens to it. I had necropsies done, so I know for sure.
I now have to keep baby chicks seperate from the adults, since I apparently have a carrier among my flock. Once the vaccine takes hold, I should be able to introduce them to the rest of the flock.
Marek's is an airborne disease.

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