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    Dec 22, 2013
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and need to learn how to navigate through it. Not sure how to use it, but is there a way to post wanted or needed info on this site? I have a beautiful barred rock young rooster. He is not aggressive at all and does not crow a lot throughout the day. He is a very good rooster for someone really wanting a rooster for their flock or breeding. He deserves a good chance at living out a happy rooster life. I don't want him butchered. I'm needing to find him a good home as we are not suppose to have roosters. Can anyone help me?

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    BYC seems daunting at is a vast collection of information spread across multiple forums and covering multiple poultry related breeds and topics. The best way to learn is to go to the top of the BYC home page and see the brown tabs. The tab labeled 'Forums' is the one you will use to navigate around the site to the proper forum for your question/concern. For instance, you will want to post your rooster information in this forum
    When you find the re-homing forum on your own or click the Shortcut I gave you, once there just click 'Start a New Thread' and type what you want to say and then hit 'Submit.'
    It will just take practice and soon you'll be an old pro. I think if I looked back to when I started I would find that I posted a very similar, "How the heck do I maneuver around this site?" message!
    Hang in there and best of luck on rehoming your roo! :)

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