Need some hens here in RHODE ISLAND!


11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Rhode Island
Hello! I am looking for 5 or 6 layer hens, eggs or chicks, that someone would be willing to ship to me ( I pay S&H obviosly.) Or hatching eggs. ( I am looking for some good layers.)

I dont want to order from a big hatcehery like mcamurray because they only sell debeaked started pullets,and i want beaks!
Please email or message me if you have some you are selling.
Well, if you order chicks from a hatchery they won't be debeaked. There are several that do small-order shipping.

Probably the easiest thing to do is to call the feed or farm stores in your area and see who will be getting chicks this spring. Here in Southern Maine we have to pre-order them but in some palces you can just walk in and buy them from their stock. Of course then you'll be raising chicks, which is a bit of a project, and you won't get eggs till fall.

Having adult chickens shipped is super expensive.

You might check Craigslist, I often see chickens listed there.

Good luck!

You have to order a certain amount of chicks to ship because of warmth-I don't think anyone ships under 12. Have you ever hatched before?
Yes I have hatched ducks and chickens before, but I havent ever hatched and raised them for eggs. I dont want to wait that long until i get eggs, that is why I want chicks or started pullets.
Good things come to those who wait....and I think the eggs I have gotten were worth waiting for, plus the adoration I get from the girls is really amusing. They always come running to great me as soon as they hear my voice...
Very soon you should be seeing Chicken swap meets and auctions in the newspaper or farm newspaper country shopper where you can get some young birds in your area. Take someone that knows what to look for. Ussually in a month or so I see adds for lots of hens in my country shopper for about $10 a piece. So start watching the papers.

I know you can get started pullets at places a lot cheaper than Mc Murray. They are way too expensive!!!!!!!!Some places debeak some dont. Try the breeders and backyard hatcheries on top sticky it has people here who are selling birds and some are selling young stock. Keep posting and watch the posts and you will have luck over

I suggest Rhode Island Reds
for great layers! Sorry I couldnt help it. Something just posessed me. There are other good breeds too though that you can find on the henderson chicken chart through feathersite so you know which breeds lay well.

Another thing is probably a lot of people will be ordering from McMurray and then in a couple of months have too many chicks and they will be selling them off. Or wait for the 4-H fairs you can always get some real nice hens then.

I see on the top page of this forum sticky (BYC Breeders) on the first page there is some one who ships live orpingtons and they are really nice birds and layers

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One of the best breeders of Rhode Island Reds still lives in your state. Join the American Poultry Association. They will send you all of the contact information for all officers, and he's the APA District Director, Mr Don Nelson. He can also put you in touch with an excellent local breeder of Plymouth Rocks, and one of White Leghorns, as well as give you information on the Little Rhody Poultry Fanciers spring show, where there are bound to be good birds for sale.

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