Need some input on the size of my coop please..

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  1. BuckWildChickens

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    May 3, 2011
    Southern Illinois
    I just recently built an all new coop for all my new chickens.. Total, the coop is 10x25.. Divided in half, with 2 seperate outside chicken access doors, as well as 2 doors for us.. 9 nest boxes on one side, 12x14x14, and 7 on the other side, 14x18x24.. Both chicken doors have full daytime access to a 13x25 fenced pen EACH.. 2 pens total.. I have 2, 22lb feeders and 8 Water nipples per side on the inside of the coop.. On the outside, each pen has another 8 nipples, spaced 1ft apart.. Each side gets alternated on total free ranging on my 10 acres, every other day, or one side out in the morning, and other in the evening...

    4 days a week I feed them every fruit and Vegetable under the sun that is safe for them to eat, and in large amounts, due to family members owning a fruit stand... The other 3 they eat ranged, and they always have a constant free choice of commercial rations..

    My question is this, with this type of setup, and schedule, How many birds should I be comfortable handleing with Proper care being takin in the cleanliness side of it??
    Most of my birds are or will be Black Copper Marans on one side, Jersey Giants on the other side with the larger nest boxes?? Or all Bcm's on both sides??
    Any advice or info would be greatly appriceated!!

    P.s. I have stalked this site forever and have been so fascinated by the people that i joined both online and in the yard!!
    pss.. I know the formulas, just curious to what more experianced people have to say!! THANKS IN ADVANCE PEEPS!!!
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    Mar 11, 2011
    Poynette, WI
    Wow, it sounds like you are set up for quite a flock! I would guess you could house easliy 100 birds. I'm pretty new at this, and only have six birds. The nesting boxes should be fine. Good luck!
  3. CoyoteMagic

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    10x12.5=125/4= 31possible chickens. You will need to take in consideration for things like extended periods of snow and cold. I wouldn't go with more than 20birds per side unless your run is covered.
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  4. BuckWildChickens

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    May 3, 2011
    Southern Illinois
    Yes, My run will be fully covered in winter time.. I was hoping to maybe house 35 birds each side.. I have about 50 linear feet of perch space per side.. So would 30 to 35 birds per side be about just right??
    I have 20 on one side now and 18 on the other, and I use Crushed cobb for flooring material, Theve been in their for a little over a month and it is unbeleivably clean in their still, without even having to do much besides a raking here and there.. I highly reccommend that stuff over everything, I use it for EVERYTHING!! Lol...

    My plan was 2 combine both sides of birds, eliminating only 3 bullies, that would give me 35 on one side, and open up the other side for all my new Bcm's.. Should I be ok? Or should I drop my numbers??
  5. schellie69

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    Oct 8, 2009
    It would depend on if they have free range time how much time they will be spending inside during the cold months. I base my numbers on the time they will spend inside due to cold weather that is what seems to matter. Mine do not like snow I have part of the pen covered and as long as they can walk with out to much snow they are happy. Good luck.

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