Need some Iowan help!

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11 Years
Dec 16, 2011
Ok, people who live in or near northern IA, what time did you get chicks?
here goes some chicken math:
if i get them in may, they'll stay in the brooder for about a month, which will mean they'll be out at about june, then they'll stay in the coop for a bout a week and a half (so they can regonize it as home) that'll be a bout july.
if i get them in april, they'll be in the brooder til about may, then stay in the coop till about mid may.
What chicken math do you like better, option one or two? or a totally different opinion?
We get our chicks in late March. Keep them in the house until they are feathered out and the weather is warm in May. Works out to be good timing for us.
I live near Fort Dodge and have asked for a March 15 shipment. I too will keep them indoors (I have a heated dog kennel in the attached garage but the chicks will be separated from the dogs (duh). I plan to wrap the kennel they're in with cardboard for any draft that will occur from the dogs running in and out of their doggy door. I want them early enough so I'll see some eggs in late summer, otherwise, the days will be getting shorter before I see any. Also want to be able to cull the roosters before it gets too cold to butcher them outside. Sounds like good logic. What do you think?

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