Need some pics for my blog on BYC web site.


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Hi all,
I'm doing a post on my blog--(this is for school) about successful web sites and I'm using BYC as an example. I'd like to include a couple of pics of poultry from BYCers in the post. Could you share a couple of pics? I'll give credit however you'd like.

Many Thanks!
I have a duckling photo you can use if you want...

Just credit Wifezilla
These are perfect--just what I wanted to demonstrate the kind of community that BYC has built. The topic is successful web sites and I thought of this one as its the most successful poultry forum I know of.
Thanks guys!

BTW--my teach might like the teeth!
Here is a pic of how affectionate chickens can be to one another
Nicole ALWAYS slept under Britneys wing. Soon after this picture was taken Britney was attacked by our neighbors dog and was killed, Nicole went through depression. She's better now but I seen a HUGE difference in her. She then started trying to sleep under Paris' wing but Paris wasn't all for that. She would sleep next to her but not allow her under her wing

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Here is another you can use...this is an example of a dried out membrane, this chick was four days later at hatching and still alive in the shell. This chick had to be totally helped out of it's shell. This was about 30 min into my intervention (took about an hour to get him out) Today that bird is thriving and is doing just great


And Tristan today:


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