Need specifics on Ivermectin


12 Years
Nov 16, 2007
Southern Indiana
I have to worm the chickens AND the goats.
The goat part is easier, but i need to know what KIND of Ivermectin to get, and how much to give how. Most of what I've read is to give the injectable orally.


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Feb 5, 2009
Platina, Ca.
Eggs are still safe to eat as long as you are using pour on there is no problem. I do ours every 2 months because we live on rock and mites are a problem in this area. We have ate the eggs from our chickens for years my children have them every day for breakfast, no side effects other then no longer being hungry
We use a eye dropper
4 drops small
6 drops med
8 drops lg.
As for eating the chickens you must wait for 48 days.
No other findings i.e. milk or eggs has been established for the pour on. And it should not be used on calves to be processed for veal.
What ever you choose to use is your own personal choice and what you feel is best for your animals.
Hope these posts help to ease your mind and help to have mite and worm free chickens.
Hope you find what is right for you, there is alot of great advice form our fellow BYC members.
As for goats here is a good site...

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