Need SQ hatching eggs. I live in oregon


10 Years
Apr 27, 2009
Woodburn, OR
Ok so im not sure when ill be able to buy some but i would like to find a breed that both i and my little sister would like. My little sisters wants to start raising a chicken and then show it through 4-H next year at fair. I already have some chickens but want a variety.... I'm actually showing through FFA this year. I would like a dozen but will only be able to get probably around $25 dollars(this price includes shipping). If you could please tell me what kind of chickens you have (Show Quaility) the cost and some pictures too, please, if possible.

Thank you all,
Here's our list of breeds available and photos of most.

Since this is a 4H/FFA endeavor, I'll be glad to ship the Speckled Sussex for $25 and will include any available extras on the day of shipping.

If there are other breeds I have that interest you but are priced a little out of your range, just pm me and I'll work with you to see what I can do to lower the prices as a way of supporting all that you all do.

Good luck in finding your eggs and your projects.

Have a blessed day.
For $14.00 shipping plus the county,name and phone # of the 4-H director I will send 18 Show Quality Rhode Island Red eggs, These can win in the big shows, health and quality guaranteed, PM for Pics.........
Not to dismiss bargain, but I would GREATLY consider Pine Grove's birds.

Amazing flock. Here I was going to offer up my Black Langshan eggs for shipping + $10 for the eggs. (Was around $24.00 last time).

I would go with Pine Grove. If I had the extra money and can bet I'd be on his birds like fire ants to a twinkie.
I agree! His birds are beautiful! He sent me 17 eggs and I have 16 growing!!! I am so excited about the fertility and everything!

Pine Grove is a great breeder in my book! LOL!
Hate to be a party pooper but when is your fair. Minr fair is late july and typicly most 4H are during the summer. I just wanted to give you heads up that theses chicks might not be old enough depending on when your fair is.

I understand that they wouldnt be old enough.... she would be showing at next years fair..... she wasnt able to sign up this time because its a little too late... but she is wanting to start raising a chick now.
I would jump on Pine Groves offer.He does a great job shipping eggs and the fertility is very good,not to mention, he has wonderful show quality RIR's.Good luck at the shows.
u mentioned ud like some variety see if u can get some from pine grove and some from bargain mayb 6 and 6 or something good luck on getting some nice chickens though

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