Need suggestions about my tiny little bantam Mottled Cochin hen...

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  1. She is just the littlest thing...probably weighs barely 2 pounds...if that.

    Her story...we got her as part of a trio of bantam mottled Cochins from a good friend. She and the 2 roos were in a pen with about 20 other roos and hens...all mottled cochins. We put them together in a pen when we got them home but she stayed roosted high in the pen to keep away from them. I watched them and I didn't see anything unusual...over breeding, etc. So we took her out of their pen and put her in a pen with 2 silkie roos and 1 silkie hen. She likes this situation much more and doesn't roost all the time now.

    Problem....she just is soooo timid and tiny that she pretty much keeps to herself most of the time. BTW she is about 1 year old. She hasn't layed eggs for us yet, but our friend says she is laying. I'm not sure how he would know since there were so many in the pen, but...whatever.

    What would you do with her? Put her in a pen by herself? Put her in a pen with another hen?

    I put her in with my 12 standard size pullets and that was a 'no go'. Everyone knows she's timid and picks on her.
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    I have one of those to. She is going on aprox. 10 weeks or so and only half the size of my bantams. Here is a pic of her and another small hen that hang out together. I don't know what I would do if she didn't have a friend.

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