Need suggestions from pro's


7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
I have a question for the pro incubator's....I just lost 50 eggs because of Sandy, 10 old english, 8 call ducks and 32 of my little silkie's, and don't want to go through this again. My question there a battery pack that you can get for the incubator incase of power outage or is there an incubator that already runs on batteries???? I am just so sad that I lost so many babies !!! I have the technology to keep them warm after they are hatched but I only have an electric incubator....thanks for the help
I use one of these:

I was an IT guy for many years and I had one lying around. I have no idea how long it would last but I'm sure it would support my Brinsea Mini Advance for a number of hours - certainly long enough to work out an alternate energy source since it puts virtually no load on it. The great part is that it runs on A/C and will automatically handle the swap to battery power. It also protects against things such as: blown circuit breaker, accidental unplugging of the wall socket, and household power loss. When A/C power is lost it runs off of a large DC battery and sounds an alarm so you definitely know when it's running on backup power.

There are other ways to provide this "sort" of solution but an UPS unit is one of the simplest ways.

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