Need temporary coop ideas


10 Years
Jan 26, 2009
I am adding three more pullets to my flock of three. I need to have a separate coop area for the quarantine period. Any ideas for housing for the new girls that is easy to do with minimal expense? I have 2 days to get something together. Thanks
You could just do you a little A frame out of some 2X4's and some chicken wire, or may a large sturdy cardboard box, that is if you are planning on putting it inside the existing coop so that it would be protected from predators. Best of luck!
I have two (blue-tarp covered) dog runs that I use. The larger one has a rabbit hutch in it for their coop and the smaller has an igloo dog house that my dogs never use.

Check CL and freecycle or maybe ask friends/family if anybody has one they're not using that you could borrow. I put chicken wire around the bottom 2' or so and have it running out like an apron for another 1 1/2-2' to keep critters from digging in or reaching thru.
This spring we modified an old, unused dog house for our 2 pullets. They only used it at night and it was perfect for that.
Now we keep the modified dog house on standby to be used as a sick bay if needed, a timeout if needed, or just a place to store some feed and other supplies.
Dog House definitely. Our neighbor gave us a really big one and I made a little run for the front of it. Perfect for my babies when the come out of the brooder soon. And i spent all of $50 on the whole thing.

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