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  1. We have goats and a mini horse that share space with the chickens. The chicks will have their own pen and run, but the goats and horse will share one side of the fencing of the chicken run sho it needs to be strong.

    Should we spend the money on 6' high chain link? Or would it be more economical to build a run?

    Expertise, please!
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    Apr 21, 2008
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    Why not just place a split rail, or a wood fence on the side they share, use chicken wire to build the run on one side and put a cover on it. I don't believe they would be that distructive, or better yet, use some solid wire (not the chain link, but they have 4 ft wire that is tough) do around the whole area where your mini's and goats are, let them all coinside together! Then you won't have to worry about the 2nd pen. (someone else would know if you can put them together) If I could, I'd love to fence in my whole property with fence, and let everything run free, but its not reasonable ($$$$). Good luck to you!!!
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    If you PERFER to use chain link...I used 4' chain link (part of the fenced in back yard that I've partitioned off approx 18-20' section for the chickens' run.

    I covered it with PVC pipe and deer netting. It's not super predator proof, but does keep the chickens in their side of fence.

    here's a thread with pics of what is workign well for us.
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    I would think that building a run would be much less expensive than paying for all of that 6' high chain link. You could always do the one side chain link and add chicken wire for the run onto the other sides. Just a thought! [​IMG]

    I also noticed that you haven't been with us to long. [​IMG] Well, [​IMG]
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    If you use chainlink of *whatever* height, even 6', on a fence that horses will be exposed to, I very strongly recommend you get a matching length of corrugated drain pipe (perf or nonperf, doesn't matter), split it open down its length using a hacksaw, and zip-tie it on to cover the pokey-out-y wire ends along the top of the chainlink. (You may have seen municipal baseball diamonds where the chainlink is treated this way).

    It will save you what will sooner or later be a considerable vet bill for a really nasty laceration of the horse's chin, jaws, throat or eye.

    I think the goats are probably the biggest fencing challenge, really.

  6. Would you need to add 1/2" hardware cloth over the chain link to keep predators out, or are your chickens protected by the guardian animals? You will roof the run ?
  7. Oh you are all so helpful.

    The 6' chain link is coming used from Craigslist. There are some pretty good deals out there.

    We don't have to worry about the top lacerating our horses, because the only 'horse' that will be exposed to it is our mini who is 30" at the withers.[​IMG]

    It does not have to be completely predator proof as we will lock our chicks in at night but definitely need some decent fencing to keep out hawks, eagles and such during the day.

    The one reason I thought about chain link panels is because the coop/goat pony barn is on some ledge and we can't get any posts down deep. I thought the chain link would look the neatest for the coop and still be proofed from those goats and our mini who likes to scratch his 250 lb butt on things.

    I will go check out that thread.

    Thanks for the welcome arlee.[​IMG]
  8. ravenfeathers

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    May 23, 2008
    i would worry that the chickens would make the air quality difficult for your mini. any chance you can have less space-sharing between horses and chickens? i know that's not always a possibility with limited backyard facilities.
  9. Hmmmm. I had not thought about that. I may rethink the coop plan. What do others think about chickens cohabitating with horses and goats? We do have other options, but the "petting zoo" set up is best for all the smaller animals.
  10. vickig

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    May 26, 2008
    If this is a good size area and there is a breeze would that work?

    Are Mini Horses sensitive?

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