Need Tips on Introducing a New Female Duck to a Surviving Female Duck


12 Years
Jul 7, 2010
We had two Buff Orpington females but lost one a week ago due to a respiratory illness. She was the only duck affected, and our chickens were fine as well.
Our Buff (2 years old) is very unhappy as a singleton so we found a single female duck on NextDoor who need a home. She is also two years old, friendly and has only lived with chickens. We had a 30 minute play date in our backyard and this new girl seems to be very easy-going while our Buff is more dominant. They pretty much ignored each other except when my daughter put them both in the kiddie pool and the Buff tried to peck at the new girl.
I think they will get along fine (we will do a two week trial starting tomorrow) but would love some tips on introductions and building a positive relationship!
BONUS POINTS if you have any guesses as to her breed! She looks black but is a dark chocolate color… so pretty!


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I introduced a solo duck who had never been with other ducks. At first, I tried free ranging them together, but they just avoided each other.then I put up a quick temporary fence to do the "see but don't touch" method. I did that for a few days with free range time in the afternoons. Then I got impatient and just forced them together - lol! There was some arguing and mu h dus ussion, but it went fine after that. It took our new duck, Julep, to start acting like a duck, but she figured it out. Took about 2 weeks after I forced them together before the 5 of them started flocking together.

Honestly, ducks are so social. They WANT to be together with other ducks they see.

Let us know how the trial goes! I bet the trial becomes a permanent arrangement!
looks like maybe a black Swedish duck, though definitely get more experienced people’s opinions. Very pretty.

When introducing new ducks with my original flock, I let them slowly adjust to each other during free ranging and between a dog kennel inside the run or duck house. That way they can get used to one another visibly without having access to peck or bully. It’s worked well for me in doing that so far.

Perhaps introducing in the pool was a territory issue and that’s why it didn’t go over as well. Regardless, I bet they will make fast friends! Good luck 😊
How are you doing with your new duck introduction?

I find that as the introductions are progressing, it is good to let them be together during the day but sleep in different compartments in the coop at night. I actually use dogcrates. Females seem to fit in quicker than drakes.

I hope your two are now big buddies!

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