Need to downsize my flock.


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
mtns of ,NC.
I have a beautiful flock of hens and one roo hatched this Spring. I am NPIP appproved and there is no signs of Illness in my flock.
What I have is:

1 hugh beautiful 65% English orp. He is gentle and really broad. He is black
2 Barred rock hens
1 65% blue english orp hen.
1 lavender orp from a group of pretty hens, I do not know her entire background
None of the hens or roo are hatchery.
I do not want to sell them but rather find them a good home.
I am having health issues and cannot maintain two sets of hens and roos.
Please someone in the mtns of NC .
I can email pic. but for the life of me cannot get my other pictures to show up on the boards.
Gloria Jean

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