Need to KNOW Pullets or Cockerals ? just days left


10 Years
Jul 2, 2013
Need to KNOW on 4 Poultry that's left.
can Not keep all Roos, not enough hens..

1st : Redd :

2nd : Turk :

3rd : CottN

3rd : CottN

4th : Pebbles

4th :pebbles 2nd: Turk

Thanks All
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About 5 Months Guessing tho, all are starting to Molt . Only one I can guess @ is Pebbles.

and that she is a Pullet because she is Dark, as I've come to learn most B R Males are Light.
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At 5 months I would guess CottN is a pullet too then since from the one picture it looks like very little comb development. I don't know about the others (are they turkens?) I would think any roo at 5 months would have much ore comb development

With the BR - the pullets also usually have a dark wash down the legs and the cockrels have more yellow legs. So I think with the darker feathers, the dark wash down the legs, and the not terribly huge comb development - you can probably be pretty confident of that one.

If you can get a better picture of CottN's head and let us know what breed we might be able to help more.
thanks ve,
Yesssss I was hoping that

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