need to know what kind these two chicks are


7 Years
Aug 22, 2012
west covina california
we have two chicks we were wondering what kind they were. also need help naming one.

i was wondering what kind this black and white one is. also need a name for her.

this ones name is marshmellow peep. she has legs like the amercanas grey/blue but i have no clue what kind she is. she also has a black spot on her wing.

this is a better view of her face. and the two twin americanas are carry underwood and taylor swift. any imput would be helpful thanks!
Could the white one be another green egg layer? See that little bit of a muff under her chin? Does she have a pea comb? She looks like Lorrie Morgan to me or maybe Dolly. Oh, I'm just seeing that Lorrie Morgan has been married 6 times.

edited to add: Whoops ... she's already named Marshmallow Peep. I guess she doesn't look so much like Lorrie or Dolly after all.
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in the last pic it shows all easter eggers, there are no ameraucana in those pics sorry. what type of comb does the first one have? it looks like a silver laced wyandotte
The first pic looks like a silver laced Wyandotte and a light Brahma. The birds in the other pics are Easter Eggers and can come in any color and lay a wide color variety of eggs.

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