Need to know which are roosters and which are hens???? 3 months old


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I have about 13 chicken that I have raised since about 1 month old, they change so quickly, it's really hard to tell what they are. Plus I have one that is in medical away from the rest b/c he is a rooster and the other chickens have been getting him pretty bad. If anyone can help, please.

These ones's are in medical b/c they tend to be ok together.

These we know are female!!! We think they are Leghorns b/c of the white eggs we get from them.


You kind of have a cluster of pictures that make it hard to define each bird. Basically, at three months, any bird with a red comb is a male.

first pic--white rooster
second pic--can't tell the dark birds. The brown/red is a roo and the white with black is a hen.
third pic--same roo as above?
fourth--dominique roo
fifth--two roos. black and birchen with lots of leakage
sixth--same red roo, can't tell the black and white but possibly roo.

I didn't look at the facebook pics, but I'm really wondering if your birds are overcrowded. Looks like a small pen and lots of birds, that will lead to them pecking at each other, even cannibalism. You probably need to look into more space, and soon you'll need to separate out the roos from the hens or the girls' lives will be pretty miserable.
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1- white rooster
2- only rooster is the red and black one
3-same as 2
4-black and white rooster
5-of 2 laying down, the one are the right is a rooster
6-on perch rooster
and the ones you know are hens are white leghorns

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