Need to learn how to do the deed properly


10 Years
Sep 25, 2009
Good day,

I am writing here in the hopes that someone could advise me, or direct me to the proper place, as I really have no idea where else to ask this question.

The thing is, I really need to learn how to kill a chicken for food, and how to do it properly. I currently reside in Toronto, and do not really know where one can actually learn how to do the deed. I have read about it, and have seen videos showing how to do it, but it is not quite the same as actually coming to it and doing the deed yourself, I think.

If anyone can give me any advice, I would really appreciate it.
There are different methods, many of which would be considered "proper". To me the important thing is that whatever method you use is quick and sure. I use a stump and ax, but I grew up using an ax. I am fully confident that I can be quick and sure. You have to find the method that you are confident you can do. For most people starting out, I'd recommend the killing cone and a sharp knife, but you have to make that decision.
There are a few links inside this post and a really good picture by picture 'how to' in there.

I have not proccessed my own birds yet but plan to. I've contacted a few farms around my area to see if they do their own birds and if they would be willing to let me watch, or even if they offer a day course on how to do it. And I have found a willing farmer! Next time she processes her extra roos, I have an invite to learn.

I'm sure there are plenty of farms around the T Dot that will help you, you could probably find someone selling chicken at the farmers markets and ask from there.

Good luck!
Hi there.

Where exactly is the farm that was willing to teach you located?

I know there must be some farms close to Toronto, but am just trying to see if anyone can recommend something in particular?
She's only about 20 minutes away from me, near Merrickville. Would you really travel that far?

I've found everyone I've contacted very friendly and helpful, and I'm sure someone close would love to help. I bet if you start asking around you'd get a ton of info.

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