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    May 18, 2007
    I have a year and a half old showgirl. She has been living in a mixed coup of polish, silkie, and showgirls and all get along well. They have free access to eggmaker crumble, grit, oyster shell and are out in a fenced run daily.

    A week ago, I found her sleeping with the juvenile silkies on the floor, instead on the roost with the rest of the flock. She has a slight limp and was mildly lethargic. Tail curved more down than usually, and just generally not herself. Treated as possible egg bound,which she like and would just sit in the warm water quietly. No egg was felt and after a couple of day of soaking and olive oil, I stopped the treatment. She was still eating well, droppings have never changed from normal. No discharge from nasal area. But after a few days she would sometimes drool a clear liquid from beak, if I picked her up and held her off to the side.

    The day I notice the fluid from her beak, her crop had a balloon like feeling to it but it was afternoon. By the next morning it has mostly emptied but still had a small walnut size squishy area left. I flushed crop out, and no material came out except clear liquid, there was not odor either. I used olive oil and massaged daily but the crop never completely would go down in the morning.

    Yesterday she was weaker and has started to lose weight, but gobbled down yogurt, with some of her layer crumble. But today she is definitely checking out. Laying down and weak. She did eat some scrambled egg, but I know it isn't going to help.

    Internal layer seems a possibility, but why the extended crop? I did not start her on any antibiotics as the symptoms just weren't adding up to anything that I could figure out. Any insight from you all would be appreciated. I feel it is too late to do much for her, but I have never seen anything quite like this and would like to have the knowledge to help more effectively if it happens again.
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    Sounds like she had impacted crop but now the impactedness is gone and water is staying in it? Hmm, you could wrap a bandage around her to keep the crop from stretching...? I am not sure....

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