Need to re-home a Polish rooster

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    Jul 23, 2013
    Surprise Arizona
    I have a Polish rooster that I just can not keep and would rather not make soup out of him. After all he was once my baby :-(
    He was once my favorite chicken. I hand raised him but somewhere along the line his hormones changed him into a Ninja jumping attack rooster. LOL It was funny at firs but it is no longer funny. He just will not stop. He attacks anything that walks past him and he stressed my hens out so bad that they just quit laying eggs so this guy must go. He is a pretty fella but I need peaceful roosters here. My grand children are around the chickens to much to allow this guy to run free. I hate caging him up so I am looking for someone that might want to give him a home. If you like sparing with your chicken then this is the guy for you. My husband has had a lot of fun playing ninja chicken with him when we realized he just would not stop.
    I will try to get some better pictures of him.
    I am in Surprise Arizona and am willing to give him away free if someone out there would be interested in rescuing this lovely rooster from the pot.

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