Need to reduce flock size - SE Texas


Apr 5, 2020
Bellaire, TX
Location: Bellaire (Houston) TX or Jasper TX
Looking to rehome part of our flock. All bantams, treated as pets. All are friendly. Our yard is too small for the number of birds we have. Too many eggs songs being sung! We also have four chicks we hatched for a neighbor who later decided they didn’t want chickens 🤦🏻‍♀️ (They haven’t been handled much.)

Age 6 months, purchased from Ideal:
1 golden neck d’uccle rooster
1 golden neck d’uccle hen
1 partridge cochin hen
1 splash old English game hen
(The hens pretty much lay every other day.)

Age 4 weeks, hatched from above rooster with golden neck d’uccle hen from Tractor Supply:
1 golden neck pullet
2 golden neck cockerels
1 Mille fleur? Or mottled cockerel
If you’re willing to take all, I can possibly drive to meet you. I’ll be in Jasper TX in a week or two so can also meet anywhere along the way.

**The rooster is missing feathers around his neck from wearing a no crow collar. I don’t know if they’ll grow back when he stops wearing it (but he’s still a beautiful bird). Just FYI
Thanks for looking!


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Hi! Good luck re homing a few of your birds! I am not in Texas, but if I was I would love a gold neck D'Uccle. Try local FB groups or local hobby farms.

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