Need to reduce flock


11 Years
Jul 20, 2008
Need to reduce my flock; had a big hatch this year and the hawks left us mostly alone. Looking for good homes for our birds. BYC wanted a $5 reserve price, but for BYC'ers who want to pick up, any offer is fine and we can work out things on the phone.

Contact Patrick (609) 457-1130

I can arrange a pick up anywhere in and around New Jersey. I will also be able to bring birds to the Southern Tier of New York in November.

I have some roosters. They are all very tame; the tamest I've had (culling problem roosters seems to work quickly to change the genetics). I'd throw them into any deal. A Sussex/Barred Rock cross is particularly pretty.

We currently have Hens:

Barred Rock
BBR Modern Game
Partridge Rock
Golden Laced Wyandotte
Some very nice mutts (California Gray/Speckled Sussex/Rock crosses)
Blue Cochin
White Langshan

Certain birds are good brooders and mothers (which is why my coop is over capacity lol), let me know if you are looking for that.

Also have a few started Pullets (wyandotte and rock crosses)

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