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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by keyt1969, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Ive had 4 call ducks since they were 2 weeks old last Spring. One of them I swore was a female, but it had severe angel wing so the curl on the tail was hard to see because all of his/her feathers were a mess. Back then I didn't know how to sex ducklings so one day when I saw a slight curl, we assumed Sammy was male.
    After several attempts to cure his/her angel wing, it didn't work so I spent months thinking maybe he/she was male. Now I'm not so sure.

    He/she has stopped getting in the ponds to bathe. That's been a problem because, with the exception of the last couple days, we've had huge rainfalls here and everything is muddy!! I even put a snow sled with water in it thinking he/she didn't want to get in the ponds with the bigger ducks. Still nothing. I've bathed him/her by hand a few times because we had severe mud here for a long time, but bathing him/her myself has been difficult. The pic of the wings was taken after attempting to give him/her a bath!

    SO, I have two questions. One is what should I do about his/her stubbornness to bathe and how do I sex adult calls?

    This is another reason why I question Sammy's sex. I think I hatched out another male call. The black one looks just like Sammy when I brought him/her home.

    But, this baby could be anything. I'm just thinking maybe it's Sammy's because of so many similarities and this baby is so much tinier than everyone else!
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    Aww, poor baby. I wish I could help with the sexing but It's hard for me to say without seeing the whole duck and tailfeathers, lol.

    But, I did want to say that I once had a Muscovy that didn't like taking baths, and of course she was WHITE. She was dirty all the time if i didn't pick her up and put her in the pool and kinda swish her feathers around to get the mud and dirt off. She never got better with the baths the whole time i had her, I eventually rehomed her to a pet home and they said they didn't mind giving her baths everyday, lol.
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    Quote:I'll try to get better rear end pics in the morning lol. I don't mind bathing Sammy I just wish I didn't have to. He/she used to get in the pond all the time, but now we have more ducks so I'm not sure if that's the problem or because of the angel wing problem that's why he/she won't anymore.
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    Do you know what color the light one is in the picture of the two young ones in the pool? I have one that color and am unsure what color it is. Thank you.
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    By the look of them you should be able to voice sex by now. Females have the proper loud duck quack, whereas males have a quieter raspy, squawky quack [​IMG]
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    It's hard to tell, but the feathers almost look broken. Have you checked the duck for bugs?
    As far as not bathing, we have a White Call drake that hates to get into the water, so we hose him down 3-4 times a day with the water hose. Now that, he LOVES!
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    Quote:No bugs at all. I do hose him down and he used to like it but he runs from it now. It's so sad, he used to love to swim in the pond!
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    Quote:Yellow ducklings turn white. That one is a Pekin mix.

    This is what that black and yellow duckling reminds me of. He looks just like him/her when he was a baby!!

    Last fall

    in March
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    Quote:They're only 2 weeks old today. Those two hatched at the same time yet they are so much different in size. The black one is a lot tinier than the rest that's why I think it's a call.
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    I am completely new to ducks, but have learned a lot from the breeder I got mine from....
    I have two mixed??? crested ducks.... one is high pitched the other lower pitched... goes right along with what the breeder said... high pitch is female, low pitch is male...

    Now for my call ducks... I actually watched her vent sex them... really cool!!!!
    We have one male and one female... the female is so high pitched it could make your ears bleed... the male is much quieter and lower pitched.

    My little call girl looks like the black and yellow you posted... she is now gray on her back, white around the neck, and black on her head... very cute little thing, but loud as can be.

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