Need ventilation in grow out hutch- pic


8 Years
May 6, 2011
We are working on a small hutch to use as a grow out coop. It will go in the predator proof run that will be partitioned off from the big girls and house 3 chicks until they are big enough to be mixed in with the flock.

There will be some ventilation right under the roof on the sides, you can see it a bit in the picture. I'm going to cover it with plastic poultry fence just to keep a chick from getting up in there (again, it will be in a fully enclosed run covered with 1/2" hardware cloth, so the plastic is ok in this instance). I'm adding a little trim undder the roof, so those holes will be a little smaller.

I plan on leaving the "pop door" open all the time, so they'll have the two under roof vents and the pop door.

Where would you add more? I was thinking above the pop door, but was wanting it lower to give them a little air flow low down (they are silkies so won't be roosting high). Right in the clean out door? One of the sides? The back will be up against the big coop, so that's not an option.


Still have a lot of work to do on this, need to cut the legs way down and bult a ramp.
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What is the "patch" on the front? I can see the side vents, and the door I think. Just not sure what the other thing is?
I would cut out a small window on the upper half of end end wall and staple hardware cloth inside the hutch to cover the windows. Keep the cutouts to use during storming and colder nights.
I agree with the other person that said make that door a window. Make a small frame, cover it in hardware cloth, just like a pop out screen. That way on bad weather days you can close the door, on good days open it and expose the "screen" for extra ventilation. Being a pop out screen still gives you the use of the cleanout door. Very cute little coop!!
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all the feedback.

I like the idea of making the clean out door a window. Don't think that might be too "open" feeling for them? My only concern would be rain getting in if it rains unexpectedly. Maybe I could hinge the cover and keep it propped open....

You'd think this was my main coop with how I'm obsessing about it. Probably won't use it but for a few months, better quit over thinking it before they are too big to use it!

I spent every free second I could spare today to add trim and paint. Determined to finish it tomorrow. Why do I think it needs trim?
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