Need wormer and something to rid of mites and lice?

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    Need wormer and something to rid of mites and lice?

    For wormer, you need some Wormazole Capsule, there are many type out there. do reseach to see what kind do you want, just make sure its for chicken. Just give it to your chicken and they should be fine.

    1.For rid of mites and lice. You would need to get some of that sparying stuff from the garden store that you use on your plants. I dont know the name. Only use this if its really bad. spy it around the coop. Make sure your chicken are not in there when you do it. After some hour you could then put them back in.

    2. Or buy some poultry dust powder and dust it all over where all os your chicken are staying. Its safe on chicken. You could use it on them too. If the weather is nice and warm. After this you could bath them in bleach to totally kill the lice on there body.

    hope this help answer your question
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    try using the Eprinex Pour-on for cattle; .5 (1/2) cc or ml (millileters are the same as ccs) for large/standard breeds; .25 (1/4) cc for bantam or very small breeds. I would NOT bathe a chicken in bleach or diluted bleach water; chlorine can be very irritating to the skin and respiratory system. You can also use Sevin dust sprinkled on their roosts and in their favorite dust-bathing spots. DE can also be used. I hope you find a good solution for your issues. [​IMG]

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