Need your opinion on chicken increase!

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    Okay I am having the chicken crave. I have 6 right now. My coop interior is 5 1/2 feet by 6 feet with two roost going along the length and width of the coop. I have a run that is 6 by 16ft( they can go under the coop). I've added a little chick door since this photo, and added a small uncovered fenced in area. Most evening my hens get free range time. My question is I want two more ameracauna and two olive eggers. What do you think? That would mean 10 chickens for 33 sq ft. so 3 sq ft per chicken for the interior of the coop, not including the run and extra fenced in part for the day time.
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    Might work summers with lots of free range time....too small IMO for confinement necessary due to weather and /or predator surge.

    You say inside is approx 6x6, but how much space does feed / water take up?
    Your birds look to be juveniles, they will get rather bigger when full grown.
    You will also need extra space to integrate new chickens into the flock.

    I found in our wicked winter weather that even 8sqft per bird could get tight after a few days.

    I'd strongly suggest holding off on more chickens until you get thru your first winter.

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