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11 Years
Jan 10, 2009
Hello all I am new to poultry, I love this site. There is so much good info. I am going to order a 1588 Hova-Bator with turner off of Ebay because after reading here I decided that's the best way to go. My question is, does the 1610 turner handle goose eggs, or do I have to order to separate turners if I want to hatch goose eggs, as well at other times hatch chicken eggs? And does the 1588 have a window so I can see the neat things taking place?
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yes it has a window and I am not sure about goose eggs fitting in the turner. I have that exact turner and it may work....I just don't have any goose eggs. If I did I would see if it fit for you. It says it will fit duck eggs so it may work fine. I don't think there are any bigger trays you can get to fit that turner.
I am so glad to hear about the window, I definitely want to see everything, Thanks. Can anyone tell me have you put goose eggs in the 1610 or 1611? Do I need to order the 1614 separate?
Yep, read that, but was hoping someone had experience with goose eggs and would say... I put my goose eggs in the 1610 or 1611 turner all the time! But I guess it aint going to happen.

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