Needing help with 4 week old chicks


Apr 1, 2011
Oak Grove AR
I have 7 4 week old chicks that are really making a stink in my brooder room. I would like to know if I can move them outside into the main coop now. They have most all of there feathers and are quit big if I do say so. The day time temps are going to be in the 80s and 90s with over nights in the 60s.
Another reason I really have to move them is I need the room in the brooder for younger chicks.
I have:
7 4 week olds
4 2 week olds (in with above)
4 1 week olds
21 to hatch on June 4
12 to be hatched June 27 ( going in on the 6th after I clean) Right now these are siting waiting to go in.
So can it be done, It really is getting stinky in my brooder room after cleaning out the pen three days ago.
It all depends on the temperatures outside. I have 5/6 week old chicks though and none of them are fully feathered. Temperatures here though have been in the 60's for highs during the day. If you do move them, you may want to move a heat lamp out with them, especially at night just in case.
I moved my 4 week olds out yesterday. They were getting way to big for the brooder. I have a heat lamp out there but it was so warm last night I didnt turn it on. Went out this morning and they are fine. Its suppose to be 90's for the next couple of days and lows 70's so no lamp. But later this week if it gets below 65 I will probbly turn it on at night as they are not fully feathered. My neighbor put hers out at 3 weeks with a lamp and it was cold then and they are all doing great.
I've put all my 4 week olds outside and they have shown no signs of discomfort or distress. They stay in the chicken tractor in the day, which has a cardboard box in one corner (so they can escape the breeze if they want to) but they do come in at night and sleep in a giant cardboard box.
I can do the heat lamp, will just have to borrow one from my neighbor since I only have one, will have to run two 50 foot cords to it, which I really don't like to do with the chance of rain coming. but I guess I can cover the part where the two meet in the middle.
you're so lucky to have high's in the 60's! it's going to be pushing 93-95 here all week!
they are plymouth rock/game hen mix. I am having to keep an eye on them since my roo(Plymouth rock) is chasing them out of the coop. I had some really great chicken math going.
move 2 in to coop, move 2 more into coop go back for 2 more and there are 4 left. I only have 7 total. Got to love chicken math.

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