Needing two Valley quail hens.

Sister Mary Michael

In the Brooder
11 Years
Apr 16, 2008
Bridger MT
I had two pair of Valleys and one hen was killed by a cat. I tried two hatches and only got one chick, hoping it was female but no luck. kevin is now a spoiled pet and Little John is still calling for a mate. Any one out there have some females?
Little John is two, and Kevin is 7 months. Can I keep all of them together this winter in one pen for warmth? It worked last year.
This is Kevin with my daughter.

I usually do not attend to many bird sales. Never seem to have the time to commit to them. But if I'm heading that way I will let you know!
Sorry; I forgot to mention I am in Montana. Hijacking;ok. That's how we find things sometimes!

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