Neighbor found duck egg


7 Years
Feb 26, 2012
Waterloo, South Carolina
My neighbor found a duck egg on their dock today and wanted to incubate it. I've only incubated chicken eggs and was unsure as to if there were any differences in the temp and humidy or time that needed to be done. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks in advance :)
Is it a wild egg? If so it would be illegal to take it to hatch.
I was unaware of that. I'm almost positive it is a wild duck egg. We live on a lake and have many wild ducks living here. I will let her know and get her to put it back out before she gets in trouble. Thank you for letting me know.
It may be different in your state. You can call your local Game and Wildlife to verify. However, down here in Texas you can be fined if you take and hatch wild eggs.
Hi Momd... I just hatched my Pekins at 99.5 F and 70 percent humidity with my incubator that has a blower. Be sure to at least turn a minimum of 3 times per day if you don't have a rocker. I can tell you that one of my Pekings came out a mallard, so evidently a wild one came in and took advantage of one of the free range Pekins. Just keeping it with the others. If I somehow get in trouble, I'll just say it showed up here! Seriously... I'm not scared of the "Duck Police". :) Good luck on whatever you decide.

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