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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by farmguycitygirl, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Cheers for you and your positive attitude. I think that sounds very reasonable and fabulous.
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    LOL, Love the IM, but it's not very practical. Sounds to me like you've taken the very best tack! wtg!
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    This might be a nonissue, but is she even allowed to have pitbullls? I know there are a lot of cities in TX that ban them. They definitely raise home insurance rates.

    When we share a fence with neighbors, we have always split the cost of fencing repair or replacement since it is between the 2 properties.
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    I would tell her if she gives you to much poo that fine you will put barbwire up but on her side of the fence that way if her dogs jump agisnts it they will be the ones hurt
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    You could try the Barb wire mounting posts, but instead of putting the barb wire on it, use 2' chickenwire. It will bend into your yard at an angle that will discourage the chickens from flying up to the fence. Also since about a foot of the fencing would not be firmly attached to the barb posts, if they do fly up there, they will not have sturdy fencing to land on. I know some folks that did this to a dog run to keep the chickens out. Worked well
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    I think you are being very responsible and reasonable. BUT, your neighbor is not as reasonable. I say this for one reason:
    #1. If MY dogs break through your fence because of YOUR chickens, I will not be responsible. Well, right there she is trying to put the blame on you. You can insert for "your chickens" your kids, your dogs, etc. As Speckled Hen said, it is the dog's owner's responsibility to keep her dogs in HER yard. I think your moving your swing-set is a wonderful thing to do.... I think you and the neighbor should sit down and talk. Remind her to put the barbed-wire on her side of the fence, her dogs HER responsibilities!! Good luck to you!! Goobhen
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    Sounds good.
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    You are nicer than I would be. Of course, most dog owners think they are in the right just because they have the dog and you have the chickens. Don't be surprised if she does not respond in the same reasonable manner in which you have approached her. Or, if she seems to respond to you, then doesn't follow through with a plan of action.

    I have been in a situation with one particular neighbor's dog, who has been on my fenced mountain property multiple times and the owner received multiple calm warnings. In spite of that, my flock was threatened with death by shotgun in their own coop. So, it's not always as simple as you think it will be. I hope you can work it out, but we've seen hundreds of these stories on BYC and they rarely are easy peasy, so I have my doubts.
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  10. make a run for your chickens P.S i don't like your neighbor and if i was you that day i would just yell in her freken face like come on what is wrong with her she doesn't WANT to be a accused of anything man she has problems!!!!!!!!![​IMG] this would be may hand meeting her FACE!!!!!!!!![​IMG]she is like oh there my dogs and if its not on my land it sure is not my problem this is what i would say to her NO I AM NOT PUTTING UP ANY THING IF YOU WANT ME TO YOU CAN JUST GO DO IT YOUR SELF AND IF ONE OF MY CHICKENS GET HURT YOU ARE GETTING ME A NEW ONE OF THE SAME BREED AND EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]WHAT NOW BROWN COW HUN! thats what i would say to may neihbor
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