Neighbor's Rottweiler Killed my Chickens and a Duck


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Nov 27, 2012
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First I want to thank everyone for your responses.

My neighbor came through and offered to pay for the replacement of my livestock and has an invisible fence put in place. She said she was sincerely sorry. I think the initial reaction was just defensiveness and fear to my husband's threat to shoot their dog.

Regardless, I now carry a can of bear pepper spray at my side. Come spring if I can afford it, I'll be putting in electric fencing around the perimeter of my 4 acres.
Well, at least they seem to care, many don't give a whit.

The invisible fence might work, depends on the dog and how well the dogs owners can train it.


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Jun 10, 2014
Agree with Speckled Hen - it's a really good sign that they're acknowledging that there's a problem. A lot of people are just kind of "that's what dogs do" and give you a shrug.

That being said, if I was you, I'd start working on fencing/etc. I'd be really surprised if the dog never goes through the invisible fence.


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Invisible fence is unlikely to stop the dog. One squirrel comes running by and that dog will run through the barrier. Once he's through, no more shocks unless he tries to come BACK through the fence.

+1 on that, it only stops dogs that have no desire to wander... And on the as said, it can have the reverse effect...

If this Rott is a bull headed and aggresive as the OP suggest the invisible fence is likely to be a wasted effort...

Had a friend that had a black lab that figured out the fence within a few days, it kept him contained when he wanted to but he learned right away that if he sprinted over it the shock only lasted for a second and he was free... Many a day she found her dog sitting in front of the house on the curb reluctant to come back into the yard...
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I've had rotties for years. An invisible fence will not stop a rott when prey drive kicks in and he is on the chase. An electric fence/hot wire on the other hand will. I have perimeter fencing around our house and barns, including hot wire to keep my dogs in and roaming dogs out. It has worked well for me for many years. My own Rott put his nose on that hot wire once and only once. That was years ago and he still has a healthy respect for the fence line.

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