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Mar 30, 2008
There is an older lady just down the road from us. She always seemed cranky, and nobody had anything good to say about her. I have a few ponies that are escape artists, so I have to mow grass for them since they have to be kept in sturdy corrals. I ran out of grass to cut in the yard, so DS went down to ask this lady if we could mow her field for the ponies. She said go for it, so we started on that. This field hadn't been touched in years, there was a lot of junk hiding in the tall grass, along with sections of half buried fence. We've been working on cleaning it all up, not only for her but because it makes it easier for us getting the mower in. She told me that if I saw anything that I wanted, to take it. I got a nice chunk of chicken wire... the good stuff that doesn't rust.

This is the third year that we have been mowing this field, and it's really looking nice now. Every year it gets better. And through it all, I have found that this lady is actually a real sweetheart, she just doesn't let folks push her around. And she tells really neat stories about growing up here in ND... back before there were telephones and electricity. Stories about boot leggers during prohibition. Just interesting to listen to her. Because my ponies wouldn't stay in their pasture, I got to know a wonderful person. And today I planted some Juneberries in her field. She is really excited about that and asked how much she owes me. 11 nice sized plants for under $25. I looked out at the field that has been feeding my ponies and told her that she already paid me.

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Apr 26, 2010
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Nicely done! Sometimes we get caught up in "perceptions" and we allow that to make decisions for us. I have been asked on a few occasions by someone "Why do you speak to him?" I tell them; " I cant not like somebody, just because you dont. They have to do something to ME first. While what they said/did to YOU - may make me a bit more cautious, but I simply cannot dislike someone - just because you dont like them. Thats allowing YOU to decide WHO I like or dont like. I'm a bit old for that kind of decision making to be done for me".

As a result of this, I have met some really great people. I have also learned that sometimes people "earn" the way their treated. I think it's great that you made your own decision with this person and didnt allow the neighbors opinions of her - to keep you from approaching her. As a result, you have made a new friend, have access to a pasture and can now laugh at the other neighbors and say " Ha-Ha! She likes ME and not you!!" LOL:cool:


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Aug 12, 2009
What a nice neighbor post to read! I was just chatting with my neighbors across the road who were telling me about the family that built my house,and every neighbor since then. I like hearing those stories too.


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Jan 23, 2009
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I have good neighbors and BAD neighbors...... I have 2 neighbors that I have had to take to court to get them to keep their dogs out of my chickens, and a 3rd neighbor that got smart after the court hearings. She keeps her dogs home now.

I have a neighbor (a 12 year old kid) that we KNOW prowls around my place. I have had chickens turned loose out of cages, the chicken house door propped open, trash cans turned over, tires flattened, patio plants turned over, a dog house stood on end, a hose turned on to run water while I was at work. I know it is him, my room mate has seen him and so have other neighbors. Of course his parents and grandparents think I am the nasty neighbor, since I called the police and sent them over to talk about him staying off my place.

But, I have good neighbors, too. One lady lets me keep my horses on her property, I pay board for them with eggs.

But, I am a lot like the OP's neighbor, I don't take any crap off of any one either !


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May 11, 2010
See? You never know what is lurking behind a wrinkled face with piercing eyes....a heart of gold who needed a true friend.

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