Neighbours dog: How to become best friends?

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Mar 23, 2013
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I am staying at my grandparents house for a vacation... I'm really happy, but I get bored easily. They have NO pet, chickens, dogs, cats, cows... nothing!

I know I should be spending time with them, and I am... but sometimes they aren't home...
Their neighbour is really nice, and she has LOTS of animals:
2 chinchillas
3 dogs ( border collie, husky, cocker spaniel )
a cat
a budgie
2 goats
3 horses
2 pigs
3 bunnies
a ferret
and HEAPS of fish.

She lets me play with her dogs, and with her other animals, but the husky is a bit shy, and I'd like to become friends... what do dogs like most, and how do we become best friends?
if the dog is shy, the best bet is to let him come to you. Ignore him, don't make eye contact and just go about your way. Trying to force yourself on him will only make him more shy/afraid of you. Keep some yummy treats in your pocket and when he approaches you to check you out, just hold it out to him. He probably won't take it, likely he will back away a couple steps. Just give it a gentle toss in his direction and go back to ignoring him.

In time, he will make friends with you.
I agree with the "Let him come to you" advice. You definately don't want to try to force anything on the dog, if he feels trapped or threatened, even the nicest dog may snap at you.
Also try being still. Sit down inthe backyard and pull the cocker spaniel into your lap and pet him, give him soem serious loving! the husky may check you at at that point, but let the dog decide when to approach. And be prepares for the dog to never approach you, some dogs are not people pooches and don't like to meet new people at all.

My Husky was very shy, she would not go to anyone until she had determined in her own mind that they were OK. She had one brown eye/one blue and had the very striking black and white markings. My housemate was facinated by her eyes and always stared at her face. She would never go near him for almost a year! One day I noticed that he was staring at her and she was getting very nervous so I mentioned that he was scaring her off with his staring and if he wanted to be friends with her he should knock it off. A week later, he enticed her over with a piece of banana! After that, she never ran from him and he could even pet her.
treats treats treats.

Talk to the owners of the dog and get their ok for what to offer him. Stock up. Show the dog the side of your body instead of the front, don't approach, and don't hold out your hand. Just toss treats his way when ever you get a chance.

Never met a single dog that could not be won with food under the right circumstance.

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