Nervous about letting out of pen for first time.


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Apr 6, 2019
About my bird. He came to me because he would fight with other birds. Ive had my peacock shiva for about 9 months now we hang out at least 10 minutes a day in her pen. Shiva got into it with my prize chicken i think. I cam e in for a 2 3 min bird time and noticed shiva had some feathers broken in abnormal spots and goldie wing was sagging. Goldie known for being a bully. Also 2 seabrites live in the pen. So I take all chickens out and wrap up goldie(stop talking about chicken). Notice the sea brites kept going around his cage. I grab them to take them in the pen and he honks at me. He is a pretty quite bird. I turn around and say whats wrong it is a hot day. Keep walking go inside. Honk honk honk. I grab the seabrites and put them in his pen and everything was fine. Hes 5 very smart bird imo but ive only owned petstore birds in past.

So i wantnto have a trial and let him out of pen. Any suggestions you wish you would of known b4 first time. His wings are not clipped i have a decemt sized net that cam get him and he eats certain food out of my hand. He does not try to leave if the pen door is open.


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Jul 16, 2015
We had peafowl many years ago. If they got out they would run far away. My neighbor has some. You can always tell when one gets out because it wanders the countryside for months. They aren't birds that need humans in my experiences with them, and they can run very fast.

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