Nervous about showing my Silkies



I have my two ladys who I got for show, I am very nervous about actually entering though.
Im used to the cut throat world of dog shows where if you sneeze at someone wrong then your there worst enemy T_T
I have been to a few shows before just to look around and ask questions, but now that it has come time to actually enter, I am really nervous!
I've showed both dogs, and chickens. You'll be fine, chicken people are way more friendlier, and more helpful. Last show I was at, the man that was showing his birds against my bird gave me some pointers. I still haven't figured out whether my bird was THAT pathetic, or whether he was just being a great exhibitor. Just walk around and see the sights, everyone has the same concerns, I always have a blast!
Good Luck!!!

You'll be fine.
I remember how nervous I was at my first show. I still get nervous, but not so much.
you will never know if you don't try. whats the harm in trying if you don't like it take your birds home after the show and just enjoy them. but showing chickens is alot of fun and i have made many many good friends doing it . just have fun and learn .
I see everyone has given you positive replies. Going to shows, whether you have birds entered or not, can be the best socializing experience since it involves others with like minds. That does not mean that there are not exhibitors that can be just as bad about their chickens as you experienced with the dogs. The best thing about it is there are far more breeders who are more than willing to lend a hand than not. You will find those people easily. Some are very gregarious and will talk your ear off, others are more reticent and stand back and watch, that's me. But ask the more reticent ones for help and you'll get the same response as you would those that are more out going and so very happy to help.
Trust me, the chicken showing world is far friendlier.
When we used to breed/handle/show Akitas, we knew people who actually once poisoned one of our dogs. In the poultry world, the worst they can do, at least far as I've ever known, is criticize your bird or your breeding.
OP take a deep breath............. it will be just fine........... as others have stated chicken folks are much nicer and more helpful as it benefits the whole show experience. Go ahead enter them and have some fun and learn a bunch in the process, you will be bitten by the show bug rest assured of that LOL.
Reply to everyone:
Thanks for the comforting praise!
I do feel a bit more encouraged, I cant wait to show them and I will defiantly post on how we do/lost XD
Haha, anyway, my poor ladys are brats, I handle them every day but still Winter squawks and throws a small hissy fit.
Keep your fingers crossed for me that she decides to behave.
I got butterfly's the first time I showed, but after you meet s couple people it turns out to be really fun. I am going to my second show in January at the stock show

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