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    Jul 22, 2010
    Set 18 IB eggs today in the dead of winter, in a 'bator I built myself, that were shipped about a thousand miles, and it's my first hatch ever. Now talk about stress! I'm may need some serious therapy when this deal is done LOL or perhaps sooner! [​IMG]

    Candled them this morning after letting them rest for 48 hrs. Only three were suspect and I think they might be okay, just the shell seemed to be a bit thick on top. One looked as if the yolk was floating upward, but there still seemed to be a definite air sac at the top. I hope they make it to day 7 when I candle them again, and if I can't see anything they will be disposed of. Just hope they don't explode before then!

    The temp is holding between 99-100 and humidity between 35-40.
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    Quote: They usually won't explode until they have been in the incubator for close to 3 weeks. They should not explode before your second candling (14 days). Good luck to you!! [​IMG]
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    Oh good luck!!!

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