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  1. bwalden

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    Jan 16, 2012
    I have 19 six week old Welsummers that I really, really want to let out of the coop and into the run i've built. Problem is I have about 6 neighborhood dogs none of which are mine of course running around all the time day and night. Most of the dogs do have collars on them, but a few do not. I live outside the city limits so I cannot call city code enforcement about the dogs. I dont really know any of my neighbors that well either so no idea who the dogs belong to.
    I built the run out of 2X4X6ft tall welded wire then I took 1"x1" x 3ft tall hardware cloth and burried it about 8-10" deep around the entire run. I then wire tied and nailed the remaining hardware cloth to the post. So I dont feel like anything will be digging in. I guess after all this time money and effort I would sure hate for one or more of those dogs to find a flaw in my design and get at my birds. I know in my mind there is only one way to truely know if it will hold up. LET THEM OUT! What you people think? Any advice would be appreciated!
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    Aww, you should definitely let them come out into the run on nice days. What I do with young chicks is, I let them out into the run for an hour or two before dark.

    Now, normally chickens will go into the coop just before dark all on their own, but you still have young chicks, so what they're probably going to do is cluster together and peep somewhere out in the run, and you might have to put them into the coop each night for a week or so, until they figure it out themselves.

    I think your run sounds pretty secure, but if you're worried, then just let them out while you can watch over them. (Even if you have house work to do, and you can see them out the kitchen window....)

    Your little chicks will really enjoy being outside, and you'll enjoy watching their funny antics!
    Pull up a chair with your favorite beverage in hand and watch some chicken TV!

    Take care,
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    Apr 10, 2012
    McLoud, OK
    I would let them out. I would keep a watchful eye for a day or so. I keep a BB gun that is loaded with pellets and ready to go at all times for the neighborhood dogs. They like to harass our chickens. They haven't been back since I hit one with a pellet. The dog is fine but he learned really quick that my chicken coop = pain
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    Jan 16, 2012
    Thanks Sharon & Gunmama! I have let them out a couple times for an hour here and there. I just havent had the nerve to let them be out all day. They do love the run. Scratching around and eating bugs and grass. If it's nice weather here this weekend maybe i'll let them out all day and get them back up before night.


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