Nervously waiting for piglets...


11 Years
Jul 23, 2008
South Carolina
Okay, we're 99% sure that two of my Tamworth pigs are preggy. Problem is, not sure when the boar finally did his job. We are thinking we have about a month to go, but not sure...
These will be our first litters, so wish us luck!!
At least post pics of your Mommy and Daddy pig to hold us over!!!
(me pulling out my hair
) I've never heard of that type of pig?...
Will do. I just got a new laptop and haven't switched my pics over yet. I will add pics this weekend, though. Tamworths are a heritage breed pig. Red. Very pretty and great natured. My 700 lb boar is a big baby. We also have Berkshires that we plan to breed in about 6 months or so.
I'm new to pig breeding myself and am waiting for my boar to grow enough to mate my gilt. But what I have heard are signs of pregnancy are:

> Her clitoral hood (the pointy thing on her vulva) will rise as the
> weight of the uterus increases pulling down on the vagina and
> external genitals. This is the first sign of pregnancy. I find it
> extremely reliable. Pointed up = pregnant. Pointed down = open. Think
> of it as the pregnancy indicator.
> > signs of obvious late stages of pregnancy?
> As her abdomen thickens the front ham line will vanish.
> In the last month her teats will enlarge.
> In the last week or two her teats will engorge.
> In the last week her teats will point.
> In the last couple of days she will nest.
> In the last day she will let down milk, stop eating, vulva engorge.
> In the last hours she will lay in her nest groaning to herself.
> In the last minutes she will stretch.
> Then she will give birth.
> Farrowing may take an hour or many hours.
> All time frames are approximate as pigs vary. Note I say will, not
> shall. Some pigs _shall_ surprise you.
If you see the gilt/sow allow the boar to do the deed, In hand breeding situations, then mark that time and date down....The sow/gilt will farrow in 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days from that date...Pig farmers add: 3 hours 3 minutes and 3 seconds form the time you've written down. In pen breeding situations it is anybody's guess when they are due....unless you have the pocket ultrasound tool...Oh its available and works, with some practice.

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