Nest Box for Orpingtons


8 Years
May 17, 2011
Bloomfield KY
Do you find that you need a non standard nest box for Orpingtons or other large chickens?
My husband is convinced that our Hens are not going to nest in a 12 inch ware box. My hens are not laying yet , but soon will be.
All 13 of my bo's lay in 12 x12 boxes. I have trouble getting them out of there but it doesn't seem to be a problem for them and have even seen two in at a time.
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I'm not sure it matters that much if the box is larger than 12x12. Our Orps lay in a small dog kennel. We like the size - way bigger than 14 x 14 - and the fact that when they go broody we can pick the whole thing up and move them to a better location to raise the chicks!

Errr... I mean ducks. This year our broodies just hatched out duckllings for us.

What mine like the most is the darkest location they can find. We have 7 kennels with the chooks and they like to lay in whatever ones are in the darkest location and ignore the others.
I think he would haved loved to had 14x14 boxes. I said settle for what you can get or make them yourself.
My hens will be stuffed into them for sure, but asong as it works !
My temporary coop has ben a large kennel but they were starting to fight for room. We got two rectangler dog houses at TSC and are refitting them with roost, and boxes and a smaller doorway. It seems to work. Like the thought of broody hens being able to be moved so easy with your ideal.
My two orpingtons are BIG girls and they just started laying. I had the same concerns you do, but the 12 inch boxes haven't been a problem. Good luck.

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